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ACU's Compassionate Care Program

Working at the ACU comes with many perks including easy access to medicine, fun and interesting alternative minded colleagues, fun and interesting alternative minded members, trialing new products, learning & sharing ‘taboo' Cannabis industry knowledge, helping heal the Earth through growing Cannabis plants, as well as assisting people to heal through access to Organic Plant Medicine.

Working as a Cannabis Missionary with the ACU comes with the privilege of helping people, to help themselves heal. Often when someone comes to us for a consultation they are arriving at their last port of call. They’re out of options and nervously reaching out to an industry that is only just starting to gain momentum of recognition for all the good it can do, especially here in Australia. An industry based on a plant that has been demonized and hence some find intimidating to reach out to.

No medical treatment is cheap and having to worry about affordability whilst one attempts to de-stress and focus on healing is somewhat the oxymoron, this is where the ACU’s Compassionate Care program enters. When a member presents with a chronic illness, often accompanied by a terminal diagnosis we step forward and meet them with the Compassionate Care Program.

The Compassionate Care Program provides, its carefully selected members with complementary care. The ACU is a not-for-profit organization with many members and sponsors, we are a community that cares about as well as takes care of each other. If you are interested in becoming one of our anonymous donors, please email:

The ACU believes in patient directed palliative care, and its multifaceted care giving approach aimed at optimizing quality of life and decreased suffering. The Compassionate Care Program connects its members with natural medicine, produced on our farm. We offer other products we believe in, such as medicinal mushrooms and easily digestible proteins.

Providing Compassionate Care is a joy and tops the list of perks for working with the ACU.

Rebecca McKinnon

-ACU Store Cannabis Missionary

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